Saturday, 27 September 2014

Six Word Story #1

Whether writing or dreaming, we live!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Bethan Hortan and My Obsession With Rambling

You guys have to check out Bethan Hortan! She's a musician who covers popular pieces of music with her voice and guitar. She's so good:)

Here is a taste of music:

This is her cover of the Vamps amazing piece of music 'Somebody'. For those of you who don't know. The Vamps are a newer boy band that have just started to become popular. They're music is really good, so go get them out as well!

This is Bethan's cover of 'Neon Lights' by the Demi Lovato. Have I just revealed what I listen to? It's an amazing cover and can I just say I adore Bethan's accent? Why couldn't I be Welsh?

Recently I have been obsessed with 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift. I watched it the day it was release.  When I found this cover by Bethan Hortan, I was hooked. She covers it so well!

Also, along with all these covers, Bethan has composed her own piece of music. It's beautiful, you should totally listen:

Now that I have swamped you with so much music, I had better end this post. Sorry about rambling for so long, but I really do love music! *some of you might have noticed that*


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Heart Attack-Demi Lovato

Today I'm sharing another fave piece of music, I'm in a hurry so this has to be quick, sorry!

Enjoy! I have obsessed with this piece (as you might know).

Sunday, 24 August 2014

#1 Week Catch Up

Today I thought I would start something new. I thought I would start week catch up video/voice over thing! I first got the idea of doing voice overs from my amazing friend, Morning:) Thanks Moring.

Because I'm not allowed to show my face online, I have to do voice overs. Sorry guys. Hopefully one day soon I can share my face with you guys!

On to the video. Sorry about how I'm talking, but I was trying to be quiet because my sister was asleep beside me.

Hope you enjoy! More of these coming soon:)

Liebster Award

Thanks so much Beth for tagging me to do the Liebster Award:)(Please visit Beth's blog. She's one of my best friends and has an amazing blog)

General Rules and Guidelines
+ Thank the blogger who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
+ Provide 11 random facts about yourself.
+ Answer the 11 questions they have given you.
+ Write 11 new questions for your nominees.
+ Nominate 11 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers to answer the questions (excluding the one who nominated you).
+ You must notify your nominees of their nomination.
My 11 Facts
1. My favourite song at the moment is Heart Attack by Demi Lovato
2. I have trouble sleeping if I don't have milk before I go to bed
3. I dislike kiwi fruits
4. I am Australian
5. I'm not allowed to show photos or videos of myself online
6. My biggest fear is of spiders
7. I have recently started listening to 5SOS and the Vamps
8. I used to have three blogs, but I stopped writing on one
9. I have a blog design shop!
10. I thirteen years old
11. I love reading:)

My questions:
1.       Knitting or sewing and why?
Knitting, I hate stabbing myself with the needle and I can knit while reading. I don't have to think about it.
2.       Chocolate or caramel?
3.       What’s your favourite, Christmas or your birthday?
4.       Online shopping or in store shopping?
Store shopping. I can't shop online.
5.       What is your favourite season?
Not really sure!
6.       Do you like daylight savings?
Yes, more daylight:)
7.       On average how long are you on the computer a day?
I have no idea!
8.       Movies or TV shows?
9.       Why did you start your blog?
Because I couldn't write about all I wanted to on my other blog, so I started this one.
10.   Would you rather be on the internet or doing your hobbies?
Ok, no idea to the answer to this, sorry
11.   What fictional character/s would you most like to meet?
Visit my other blog. It will tell you a million time over.
My questions:
1)Tumblr or Pinterest?
2) Photography or drawing?
3) Do you edit your photos?
4) What's your middle name?
5) Disney or Marvel?
6) What are you favourite 5 authors?
7) 5SOS or One Direction?
8) Finish this sentence: I danced around the room because...
9) Do you share photos of yourself online?
10) Why do you blog?
11) Would you rather work in a book shop or a dress shop?

I nominate whoever wants to do this. I know most people have already done it!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Interview with Beth

Today I will be posting an interview me and my good friend Beth (check out her blog). I am really excited to answer the questions she has asked me. Be sure to watch out for her answers to the questions I have asked her over on her blog!

Beth's Questions:

1. Favourite hobby?
At the moment it happens to be reading! I am really in love with my books. One of the reasons I haven't been blogging so much recently:P


2. What is your favourite Robin Williams movie/s?

3. Your favourite family thing you do/have done (Movie night, beach trips, Summer BBQ etc..)?
It would be our cinema trips when there's new movies out.

4. Have you ever been bowling?
Yep! It was about three years ago and I went with a good friend of mine and her family! It was pretty awesome. I want to go again soon:)

5. What makes you happiest?
Spending time with my family and friends.

6. Have you seen HTTYD 2?
Yes! It was so totally awesome, wasn't it?


7. If your answer was yes to the last question, did you cry in the movie?
Very nearly.

8. Do you have pierced ears? If so how old were you when you got them pierced?
I did, but I only wear studs. I can't wear dangly ones, they rip my ears open. I was about six when I had them pierced. 

9. What's the best Christmas/birthday present you ever remember getting?
My laptop. I use it all the time, as you can probably tell. I wouldn't be able to blog so often if it weren't for this computer.

10. What was your first word?
I think it was heart. Pore Mum and Dad.


Thanks for doing this with me Beth. I really enjoyed this:)

Also I have this very funny picture to share:


Also, prepare yourself for this one:


Sorry about all those random gifs in this post! I just joined Tumblr and I'm crazy about it:)

Well that's all, until next time! Bye:)

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Cheaper Option

So I have been thinking about fashion a bit recently after find quite a few great fashion blogs and YouTube channels.

I really would love to update my wardrobe now, but there's only one problem, money! Being only thirteen I don't have that much money and most of the money I do have go towards other (more important) things.

Then suddenly the answer suddenly popped into my head! I would take the clothes I have an update them.

I have never been good at craft, but after looking at some more blogs and videos, I'm pretty sure that I can manage a bit of DIY like this.

So that's what I'm going to try doing! If it goes well, then I will post some posts about it and tutorials.